Los productos Calorstat by Vernet se diseñan y fabrican de acuerdo con los más estrictos criterios de calidad.

Sensor de la temperatura del aire

Measure the air temperature in the intake manifold of the engine

Interruptor de luces de freno

Mechanical or pneumatic contactor, it puts on the stop lights of the car as soon as the driver presses on the « foot brake » pedal.

Tubo refrigeración

Connecting the radiator, the water pump and the engine, the cooling pipe complete the coolant cycle.

Sensor del árbol de levas y cigüeñal

Those sensors serve to measure the camshaft and crankshaft rotational speed and position

Comando ralenti

This system is used to the cold starting of the engine.

Sonda lambda

Most modern vehicles can have until 6 Lambda sensors on the exhaust line.

Sensor Map

The engine’s performance depends on the right air fuel ratio.

Interruptor de presión de aceite

The oil pressure switch is normally closed. When the ignition is switched on, the oil pressure warning light illuminates.

Tapa de radiador y tapa del tanque de expansión

The radiator cap is made up of 2 valves, a pressure valve and a relief valve.

Interruptor de luces de reversa

There are two main types of reversing light switch.

Sensor de posición del acelerador

It controls the amount of air that flows into an engine’s intake manifold.

Termointerruptor Electroventilador

Additional or complementary thermal sensor to the thermostat, it helps in the maintaining of the optimal temperature of the engine in case of overheat.


The thermostat prevents excessive fuel consumption.

Brida de agua

Cracking of the component's surface is the result of regular exposure to high temperatures.

Sensor temperatura de refrigerante

Temperature sensor placed in the cooling circuit, it measures and gives the engine temperature.

Tanque de expansión

In the sealed cooling system that’s present on most cars.